October News and Highlights


Autumn brings a cool vibe to the event season in the city! We’re excited to be returning and performing at some of our favorite venues – and to discover new ones – for live stage performances, or to add a special musical experience to a celebration or to a corporate event.

We’re equally excited about the opportunity to perform in some of Philadelphia area’s best and unique venues for events of many kinds, from private events to go-to spots for music: Sunday Jazz brunches, wedding ceremony and wedding cocktail receptions, corporate signature events, gala benefits, holiday receptions, Jazz Night at a golf club, live performances at Jazz venues and cafés, and at a newly opened gem of a restaurant in our Old City neighborhood.

Upcoming Events and Performances

October 2, Mélange Jazz Collective Quartet (bass/sax/drums/jazz guitar) Sunday Live Jazz Brunch, Manayunk Brewery Restaurant https://www.manayunkbrewery.com/ 10:30am-2:30pm (public event)

October 6, Mélange Jazz Collective Trio (guitar/sax/bass), Cars & Cigars 2016 (private function), The Capital Grille, King of Prussia, http://www.thecapitalgrille.com/home

October 20, Mélange Jazz Collective Trio (bass/sax/guitar), A Taste of Ardmore, http://www.tasteofardmore.com/  5:30pm – 9:00pm (public event)

October 25, Mélange Jazz Collective Trio (sax/upright bass/percussion), WISTER BYOB, Old City, http://wisterbyob.com/ 6:00pm – 9:00pm (public event)

October 26, Mélange Jazz Collective Trio (sax/keyboard/bass), The College of Physicians, http://www.collegeofphysicians.org/ , http://cbdevents.com/ (private event)

October 28, Bert Harris Trio (bass/percussion/sax), Paris Wine Bar, http://www.londongrill.com/paris-wine-bar/ 9:00pm – 12:00am (public event)

November 3, Mélange Jazz Collective Trio (sax/guitar/bass), Penn Law (private function).

November 6, Mélange Jazz Collective Quartet (sax/keyboard/drums/bass), Sunday Live Jazz Brunch, Manayunk Brewery Restaurant https://www.manayunkbrewery.com/ 10:30am-2:30pm (public event)

November 11, Mélange Jazz Collective Trio and Soloists, World Café Live at the Queen, Wilmington, http://queen.worldcafelive.com , wedding ceremony and cocktail reception (private event)

November 18, Mélange Jazz Collective Quartet (sax/bass/keyboard/drums), Bala Golf Club, Jazz Night, http://www.balagolfclub.com/ (private event)

November 19, Bert Harris Trio, Paris Wine Bar, http://www.londongrill.com/paris-wine-bar/ 9:00pm – 12:00am (public event)

December 1, Mélange Jazz Collective Trio (sax/bass/guitar), Warmdaddy’s, Happy Hour hosted by Michael Tozzi and Ijazzglobal.com, 6:00pm-7:15pm, http://www.warmdaddys.com/ (public event)

December 10, Mélange Jazz Collective Trio (keyboard/sax/bass), (private function), Davio’s, https://davios.com/phil

March 31, 2017, LB Jazz +One & MïxT BeatZ, solos, (private function), Union League http://www.unionleague.org/

May 14, 2017, Mélange Jazz Collective Trio (sax/keyboard/bass), (private function).

Event Services

LB Entertainment’s collective of talented, creative and professional musical artists will set the vibe to any party. From the sophisticated sounds of modern jazz at a private reception played by one of our jazz ensembles or a cocktail hour enhanced by electro inspired live music, we make it easy to entertain.

To help create flawless, innovative and enjoyable events is at the heart of LBE’s experience.

Checklist to consider before booking entertainment:

Music can make a big difference. It can create a special atmosphere; set the tone and elevate the feel of an event; strengthen connections to each other and make the occasion more pleasurable and memorable. And, choosing the right music is as important as selecting the right location or venue, as guests will remember the experience. Here are six factors you should consider and research prior to selecting and booking entertainment:

What is the theme and purpose of the event?

Where will the event be located (landmark building, hotel, tent, convention center, music venue, etc.) and what are the logistics of the venue sound-wise and visually?

What type of entertainment will enhance your concept?

What is the audience demographic?

Will there be any speeches?

What is the budget allocated for entertainment?

Gathering these elements will help visualize the overall event and help determine how music will fit into it.

The holiday season is around the corner. Make your holidays memorable!

Holiday Entertainment Planning


 Musical Artists

MïxT BeatZ and LB Jazz +One –

MïxT BeatZ and LB Jazz +One perform a blend of seamlessly eclectic electro sets with vibrant organic sounds of tenor or soprano saxophone and other instrumentation (original compositions and remix by Laurent Bass). Available as solo or duo.

Mélange Jazz Collective –

Mélange’s collective experience spans multiple musical styles and cultural and ethnic backgrounds, from Jazz to Latin, funk, reggae, new music, gospel to world beat music. Whether the band is performing on the local jazz scene or at special events, Mélange is known for its fresh artistic interpretation and contemporary arrangements of Jazz standards in addition to performing original compositions.

Our musical options are tailored to individual needs and Mélange can perform as duets, trios, quartets or larger ensembles depending upon the event requirements.

Jazz and Classical Soloists –

Other musical options featuring classical and jazz genres soloists are also available.


Mélange at Wister BYOB

Mélange at Wister BYOB

Visiting New Orleans

Visiting New Orleans

Mélange performing at A Taste of Ardmore

Mélange performing at A Taste of Ardmore

Cars & Cigars, Capital Grille King of Prussia

Cars & Cigars, Capital Grille King of Prussia

Mélange Jazz Collective Collection

Mélange Jazz Collective Collection

Thank you so much for your interest and support of our music.

All best wishes,


Danielle Rion-Bass
International Event Professional
Event Leadership Executive Cert., Temple University
School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management
PHL Certified Hospitality Professional