February News 2015


Hello Friends,

As we begin a new year, we are embarking on a new journey, a journey, which we hope, will be filled with creativity, learning and collaboration.

What inspires us in our musical journey

Success is often viewed as a destination, but it is the journey that makes it exceptional. We, in our own journey, are inspired by our love and passion for music, by a vibrant music and art scene of many kinds, by our close collaborative of musical artists, supporting friends, and by our desire to produce a quality musical experience to constantly continue in our pursuit of excellence and enjoyment.


LB Jazz +One

  • As a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer, LB is creating new soundscape and compositions (edm, DnB, techno, dubstep, house, downtempo) that reflect his musical sensibility while using state-of-the art music production technology. LB Jazz +One and Mïxte BeaTz can be heard on  www.reverbnation.com/laurentbass
  • We will be adding a new dimension to some of our electronic compositions as we develop new collaborations and incorporate voice elements from exciting lead vocalists from the Philadelphia area.
  • As a forerunner in the live performance & electronic music genre, LB Jazz + One is constantly expanding its classic and contemporary jazz repertoire with his signature style. We are working on new arrangements and tunes, infusing electronic elements to live tenor and soprano saxophone performances.
  • Ableton User Group Meet Up at Drexel University URBN Center:  LB attended their January Meet Up, along with many other fellow musicians interested in Ableton Live, music production and performance, and independent musicians and producers interested in sharing their knowledge and experience. The goal of the group is to create a community around music making and performance through the sharing of ideas and projects.

Mélange Jazz Collective

Mélange Jazz Collective’s cohesive – and unique sound – combines a diverse range of musical backgrounds and styles, with each musician bringing to the band a lifetime of learning, listening, practicing and performing experience.

We’re happy to announce that Bert Harris, contra bass and electric guitar player with Mélange – and a fixture on the Philadelphia world beat and jazz scene for many years – has recently composed several original compositions. We invite you to come and listen to Bert’s funky, soulful and upbeat compositions at Mélange Jazz Collective’s next performances.

Mélange Jazz Collective at Manayunk Brewery – saxophonist Laurent Bass, vocalist Shane V. Alexander, guitarist Steve Strawitz, bassist Bert Harris, drummer Kimpedro Rodriguez