September/October News


The Fall season brings some of the most anticipated art and cultural/community events of the year in the Philadelphia area. There are so many ways to celebrate the season. Here is a sample of events and activities as listed in the Fall guide from

Taking your event to the next level!

Mélange Jazz Collective, Photo by Susan Beard Design


When planning an intimate dinner party, a stylish soirée, a garden-party, a family celebration, a holiday celebration or any other special get-togethers – at home or at a premier venue –  live music  will help you create the ultimate entertaining experience and will reflect your personal style.

Jazz Privé +, a full musical service from LB Entertainment,   adds a quality musical experience and enjoyment to private events at home or at private venues.  Mélange Jazz Collective’s blend of contemporary jazz, standards, Brazilian and Latin, ballads, swing, pop, with a touch of blues, or LB Jazz +One’s  eclectic and vibrant electro-acoustic solo performance are the perfect musical fit for many occasions.

Whether you need a jazz soloist, a small jazz combo such as a duo, trio, or larger instrumental ensembles, with or without a vocalist, we can help you assess your musical needs and provide the right talent.

Mélange Jazz Collective ( ). Mélange is defined as « a mixture » and is composed of brilliant professional musicians/composers from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds who all share a deep passion and love for jazz. Mélange Jazz Collective, well known in the special events, social events and local jazz circle, will bring the same musicality with its fiery, contemporary and sophisticated sound that will make your event even more memorable and experiential.

LB Jazz +One (  Multi-instrumentalist Laurent Bass’s signature sound infuses elements of American jazz styles, world jazz with rhythms of Africa, Brazil, Cuba and the Caribbean’s and layers of contemporary sound.  LB Jazz +One will thrill audiences with its rich blend of sambas, bossas, blues, reggae and jazz sounds. Its minimal and cutting edge set up and rich sound make the band one of the of the most sought after solo bands in the region for special events.

LB Lounge Project (  LB Lounge Project is a sleek solo lounge/party band that also features Laurent Bass.  LB Lounge Project ‘s creative  and eclectic arrangements and compositions integrate live performance on tenor & soprano sax with electronica, ambient, lounge, electronic dance and other digital elements. Designed to create up-tempo or lay-back feel for lounge, Buddha lounge, soirées, social and private events.

Multi-Instrumentalist Laurent Bass, Photo by Jenny Lynn Photography

We did it!

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The Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau (PHLCVB) launched a new program, PHL Welcomes U! (PWU), designed to empower all Philadelphians with the tools to create meaningful, positive experiences for those who visit the City. For more information on the online educational program, visit









We look forward to seeing you at some of our next public appearances.


September 12th: Pulse Jazz Trio, featuring Kimpedro Rodriguez on drums, Laurent Bass on sax, Bert Harris on bass, the Mexican Post @ the Love Park – public performance.

September 17th: LB Jazz +One with multi-instrumentalist Laurent Bass, private reception, Leonard & Madlyn Abramson Pediatric Research Center.

September 21st: LB Jazz +One , Main Line Night School’s 75th anniversary reception and celebration.

September 26th: Mélange Jazz Trio, private event, Capital Grille, King of Prussia.

September 29th: Mélange Jazz Quartet, Sunday Jazz Brunch at Manayunk Brewery Restaurant – public performance.

October 4th: LB Jazz +One, Trenton Country Club, First Friday, private event.

October 6th: private event at Seasons 52, King of Prussia.

October 10th: LB Jazz +One, private event, Smilow Center Transitional Research.

October 18th: LB Jazz +One & Open Mic at Bala Golf Club.

October 24th: Mélange Jazz Trio, corporate event, Barnes Foundation.

Mélange Jazz Trio at The Capital Grille

November 9th: Bert Harris and Laurent Bass Jazz Duo, at Paris Wine Bar – public performance.

November 15th: LB Jazz +One, solo performance at Bala Golf Club.

December 1st: Mélange Jazz Quartet, Sunday Jazz Brunch at Manayunk Brewery Restaurant – public performance.

December 6th: LB Jazz +One, luncheon, private event, Ralph’s of South Philly, King of Prussia.

December 7th: Bert Harris and Laurent Bass Jazz Duo, Paris Wine Bar – public performance.

December 14th: Mélange Jazz Trio, corporate event, Davio’s.

Enjoy the beautiful Autumn season!